Welcome to the UK Woodland Masters

Time to take your next step in Paintball....

UK Woodland Masters paintball - bringing you the best woodland tournaments in the Europe.

Think you've tried paintball? Think again... The Woodland Masters brings you paintball tournaments pitting 5 man teams against one another in timed matches and in challenging woods fields.

Teams play prelim rounds and then reseed into final brackets based on their abilities. So you find your form in the morning and then play against closely matched opposition in the afternoon

Woodland Competition brings with it many new challenges but also helps players develop basic, fundamental skills that will aid them throughout their time playing paintball.


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2019 International Woodland Masters

Information Pack available HERE

Following the popularity of the UK Woodland Masters events, there has been growing demand for an official 2 day event.

Coming May 2019, the UKWM will be hosting the official IWM which will take place over two days.

There will be both 5 and 3 man divisions, so everyone can get involved.

As well as the standard you have come to expect from the UKWM in terms of game play, fields and atmosphere, there will be camping, bar on site, food and entertainment.

Keep the weekend of 18th / 19th May free and get booked in early to ensure you can attend.

If you want to be kept up to date with the information as soon as it comes out either join our facebook page or drop us an email to keep in touch.

3 Man Entry Division

In order to keep growing the league we are continuing our 3man division for 2019.

This division in set up with the purpose to encourage smaller teams or just groups of friends to come and give competitive Woodsball a try.

For this league we will have a limited amount of loaner kit available for players to use which has been generously donated by our sponsors.



Steve Tumbles, WarPigs

...they don’t just run the best Woodsball tournament for us paintballers in the UK but they also have a shop, a well stocked shop....big thanks for the Immortal Air Aura Reg and Virtue Spire lll and continued help and support this year. Amazing guys give them a shout for any gear you need... top prices...#ukwm #supportlocal #virtue #growwoodsball

Sy Joy, The Brotherhood

Had a very enjoyable season despite the team struggles. I'm in for next year even if I don't have a team. Not sure if I love or hate you guys for getting me hooked on competitive woodsball! Have a good winter and see you in February.

Ash Chaplen – GI Sportz / London Retribution

In terms of what to tell players about the UKWM, I’d focus on the great atmosphere in the staging area and the fact that everyone actually sticks around for the trophy presentation. It can be daunting going in to a new environment like that and you want them to know how welcoming an environment it is. It’s always got to be fun first. None of my team [London Retribution] had played a woodsball tournament before and they all want to come back.

The Barbarians, Paintball team

“Today was our first event with UK Woodland Masters and have to say it is an event with a top marshalling team, passionate staff, friendly atmosphere and smoothly run games. We didn’t expect half of what we saw today so on behalf of the Barbarians you guys really done a top job, you are a credit to the paintball community as a whole and no thanks will fully appreciate all the working hours you put in to make the event what it is”

Nicky T, Virtue & The Rushers

Thanks to Dave, Mark and James for the continued hard work that they put into the UK Woodland Masters series; having returned from a big event in Atlanta this past weekend, we fully appreciate just how well the UKWM events are run

Mike Doak-Dunelly, UK Predators

I would personally like to thank Dave Simpson Mark Dale and James Matthews for all their hard work and making it possible for us to have this event to attend #growwoodsball #ukwm

Colin Day, Nemesis

Fantastic series, and game time, can’t get enough

Marc Morgan, Reffing Crew

Great events, run by great people, hosted by a great venue with great fields, great players and teams... even great judges (cough). You would be MAD to miss it

Paul Cain, BLOW

If more teams join then we are all winners

Dan Williams, BLOW

It's been fantastic thanks to you 3; Dave, James an Twizz, may it continue to grow