Underdogs - No more!


Underdogz NO MORE - PRO 1st PLACE - UKWM Round One

Tired of receiving spot prizes, the Underdogz showed up to play at round one of Europe's number one Woodsball series - winning the event, a big ass trophy, £100 UKWM Discount AND those elusive Pro patches (you've got to climb over your opponents bodies to get them).

Where to start - these guys are bucking established order in the modern woodsball scene and just broke into a really circle of teams who have got those gold stars in the past... this is no fluke and the Underdogz are a team that other teams are now second guessing. What does that mean? We talked to other teams who have got Pro wins under their belt and when they walk the fields they expect their opponents to play within a range of options.... and then they meet the Underdogz - who have made some of the best "we didn't think they would do that" plays at the UKWM ever.

It don't stop there. Let's throw a heavy dose of "we just don't give a f*ck" into the mix. I'm not saying that from a negative angle, these guys are out there and they are not second guessing themselves or overthinking their plays - and that's a great enabler - don't let the monkey climb on your back and then you don't have to worry about shifting it later.

Build again - they probably have the most number of individual spot prizes on any team in the history of the UKWM - whether it's human torpedo Tristan (pretty sure he has move of the day and upcoming awards), Sly Dog Mike (3 pack from the warm up?), Lauchlen (upcoming player without a doubt and soon to be paintball chess master), then there is Carl Harrison and Dan (he chopped Dave up pretty good last year)... and they put a 3 man team into the event that podiumed too!

Next build - they brought their team work game to the event too - and that REALLY made the difference.

Enough already. They have the ingredients and after this podium, the confidence, to push onwards. The flip of all this is that you've to get the recipe right guys... and to be blunt, watching them at the December practice day was horrific in places - we look forward to seeing this team mature and #growwoodsball

Great effort - great team - great result

David Simpson