Why try woodsball?


You know what you are doing in paintball right? You’ve checked PBNation and you are all set to be the next Ollie Lang – that’s great! Check back a year later – how’s that working out for you? Ever thought you should maybe be enjoying the journey and not just worrying about the destination?

Maybe to answer all of these questions you need to look a bit more broadly – competitive woodsball has been steadily growing in the UK, and internationally, over the last few years. Is this just nostalgia or is it worth stepping into something new?

Competitive woodsball was the root of all competitive paintball 20+ years ago but that’s no reason for you to go and give it a try. Woodsball has now moved well beyond that, the UK Woodland Masters (UKWM) is the Number one European Woodsball League and the second biggest paintball series in the UK. Sure, some of the players played in the first phase of woodsball but the growth coming through is from new teams and teams transitioning out of other styles of paintball.

You see, at it’s core woodsball offers you a deeper playing experience. In the UKWM, teams play 4 prelim games of up to 8 minutes and the same again in the final round. That is an awful lot of playing time where you are in the game, looking for your next move, and working with your team mates.

Let’s talk fields – ever played paintball in a Valley, across a Crater, through bush, bunker-to-bunker, crawling through dirt, standing up tall? Well all of that is possible in the woods as each field has its own unique characteristics that you need to walk and find ways to attack through.

Enough from me… why not hear from other voices:

“Today was our first event with UK Woodland Masters and have to say it is an event with a top marshalling team, passionate staff, friendly atmosphere and smoothly run games. We didn’t expect half of what we saw today so on behalf of the Barbarians you guys really done a top job, you are a credit to the paintball community as a whole and no thanks will fully appreciate all the working hours you put in to make the event what it is”
The Barbarians paintball team

“In terms of what to tell players about the UKWM, I’d focus on the great atmosphere in the staging area and the fact that everyone actually sticks around for the trophy presentation. It can be daunting going in to a new environment like that and you want them to know how welcoming an environment it is. It’s always got to be fun first. None of my team [London Retribution] had played a woodsball tournament before and they all want to come back.”
Ash Chaplen, London Retribution

Still not sure whether you want to give it a try? We have 3 Man and 5 Man divisions on offer so you can take your next step in paintball and give woodsball a try.

We are at Holmbush – near Gatwick Airport – all year, and have been working hard to make this the centre of excellence for Woodsball in the UK and Europe. New fields are coming into play, and existing fields have been getting re-worked significantly. With the advantage of having a safe area in the middle of the forest, there is a field in every direction… and in some directions we are stacking fields two deep!

Got this far? You’ll think this is marketing spin right? Well I speak from personal experience as Woodsball and playing the UWL back in 2013 got my team, ECI, back together and continuing our own paintball adventure. #growwoodsball

Dave, ECI Tactical, ECI Veterans (on hiatus for 2018), UK Woodland Masters

David Simpson