2018 RULES
Good sportsmanship is expected from all players at UK Woodland Masters events. While these are competitive events, players must respect one another and the reffing staff. The UK Woodland Masters team reserve the right to ban players or teams displaying poor sportsmanship.
Seeding for each round is based on the following (in order):
A) Current season standing (note: for warm up & round 1, prior year standing will be used)
B) Order of entry into event for unseeded teams C) Prelim Groups will be decided by taking team list in seeded order and separating into pools, each prelim group is then drawn at random from those pools. For example – in a 20 team event with 4 prelim groups, the top 4 seeded teams will be drawn into four prelim groups, and so on.
 Chronograph limit 300 fps
 Rate of Fire limit is 10.5 bps
 Firing mode is MILLENIUM (no PSP modes). SEMI mode is allowed but ROF cap applies
 No Pyrotechnics / One marker per player
 Field boundaries will be marked and pointed out at start of the day.
 Starting end of the field is decided by the team’s position on the schedule (e.g. Team A or Team B)
 Teams should make their way immediately to their start gate, and not further walk the field
 Players must start with at least one foot inside the base camp.
 Game starts – 10 second warning, horn blows or whistle
 8 Minutes game time – kept by Field Ultimate
 Players are responsible for checking themselves from head to toe. If in doubt, call a referee for a check on yourself.
 The only cleaning of equipment permitted by players is the inside of their barrels / loaders during games. Referees determine what is spray vs. a hit.
 1-4-1s in play for continuing to play after being hit. 2-4-1s in play for wiping / game altering penalties.
 Players may only dispose of pods and fluffy sticks during a game, all other equipment (Gun, Loader, Air System, Pack etc.) is considered essential and a player will be eliminated if they leave essential kit behind – these can be separated in the same bunker but once the player leaves they will be eliminated.
 Flag carriers should drop the flag if they are eliminated. The Flag will not be re-hung by refs and will stay where dropped.
 Flag should stay in sight at all times and cannot be hidden (e.g. stuffed under a bunker). Referees finding a hidden flag will default the flag hang to the opposing team, even if this is discovered after game time expires.
 Once eliminated players should put their hand on their heads and leave the field directly via the nearest tape line and then make their way to the designated spectator / dead player area. No players should stay on the opposite side of the field and will risk a penalty for their team if they do so..
 Players cannot talk once eliminated, (e.g. Shouting “Hit” while running across the field) and anyone doing this will be considered “playing on”
 In game chrono checks are in play:
o Player shooting 301-309fps is eliminated
o Player shooting 310+ fps is eliminated and incurs a 1-4-1 penalty
 Games end on the earliest of:
o A) Game time expiring
o B) Centre Flag being hung in a start gate
 Scoring
o 100 points for a Max
o 5 points per elimination (max 25 points)
o 1 point per live body (max 5 points)
o 20 points for first grab of flag by live player
o 50 points for flag hang in opposite start gate
o 20 points for flag in transit by live player (not cumulative with flag hang points)
 In order for a flag hang to count, the following checks will be carried out:
o Paint check on flag hanger
o Chrono check on flag hanger
o A flag hanger with a hit will incur a 1-4-1 penalty. The flag will stay outside the flag station.
o A flag hanger shooting 301-309 fps will be eliminated. A flag hanger shooting 310+fps will incur a 1-4-1 penalty. The flag will stay outside the flag station.
o If a flag hanger incurs a 1-4-1 but there is no other player to pull on their penalty, then there will be a swing of the flag hang (50 points) to the other team.
 ***Any scoring questions need to be addressed to the Field Ultimate at the end of the game by the team Captain only.***
Prelim & Final groups
 Teams will play a Prelim round and a Final round
 Sister teams in the same group will play one another in their first game of the Prelims / Finals.
 Points scored in the Prelim round determine which Final group the team will be re-seeded into
 Where there are five or less prelim groups, the winners of each Prelim group will play in the Pro bracket
 If there are additional spots in the Pro bracket, these will first of all be assigned to the highest scoring second place teams, once all second place teams are exhausted then the highest scoring third place teams will qualify next.
 All remaining final bracket spots will be assigned based on points scored
 Prelim points do not carry forward into final brackets
The overall positions at the end of the day are determined by points scored in the Final groups




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